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tv   Vice Pres. Pence Holds Town Hall on USMCA Trade Deal in Iowa  CSPAN  October 10, 2019 9:03am-9:31am EDT

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leads", and paul with his book, and a memoir "how we fight for our lives". it continues on sunday at 1 p.m., and susan niemann discusses her book "learning from the german", former ambassador to the united nations samantha power talks about her book. and david cady, religion of fear. watch our live coverage of the southern festival of books starting at 11 a.m. eastern saturday and at 1 p.m. sunday on book tv on c-span2. today the center for immigration studies hosts a discussion on two reports. examining the cost of health care benefits to illegal immigrants. live coverage begins at 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span2. yesterday vice-president pence visited iowa and made remarks
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on u.s.-mexico-canada trade agreement. ♪ ♪ ♪ . [applause] ♪ >> well, hello, iowa! . [cheers] . >> guest: to governor reynolds senator grassley senator ernst, former congressman david young, the epa's assistant
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administrator ann itsel to speaker of the house, pat grassley, all the local leaders and guests and neighbors and friends and to rob manning and manning farms, it is great to be back in the hawk eye state. thank you for that wonderful warm welcome! i'm really honored to see you all turned out today. thank you for taking some time away from work and your obligations to talk about an issue of great importance to iowa and great importance to the nation. but let me say thanks to a few friends who are with us today. not just -- not just do i want to thank her for that overly generous introduction, but i have to tell you, there is no more dynamic or hard-working governor in the united states of america than governor kim reynolds. would you join me in thanking her? take a bow, kim. she's doing a phenomenal job
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for iowa [cheers and applause] and let me thank another friend of mine who i've come to know well in my duties as vice-president and i find my way to the united states senate on a regular basis. i get a chance to interact with both of your senators, but i tell you this one, this one is amazing. she likes to say she's a mother, a soldier, a leader, she's born and raised here, combat veteran, served our country for almost a quarter of a century in the armed forces of the united states and i tell you today she is a champion for iowa and a champion for the conservative agenda. join me this thanking senator joni ernst for strong and principled leadership. [applaus [applause] >> thank you. finally it's a real privilege to be here with, frankly, a hero of mine.
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i first discovered him on c-span back in the 1990's. [laughter] >> when he was serving in the united states house of representatives and i said, i like that guy. he would go on to the united states senate and served in the congress now more than 40 years and i can tell you, he has been a champion for his fellow iowa farmers like no one else. he has been a champion for our constitutional liberties, as chairman of the judiciary committee, and he's obviously a terrific grandfather. join me in thanking senator chuck grassley for his great, great leadership for iowa [cheers and applause] it really is great to be here with so many friends and let me mention one more friend of mine, who when i told him last night i was headed to iowa, i think he looked a little bit jealous. he's a man who loves the state
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of iowa and a man the people of iowa put their confidence in three years ago. i bring greetings from the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald tru trump. [cheers and applause] but it is great to be back on a farm and especially great to be here at a great family farm here in iowa. i grew up south of highway 40 myself in southern indiana. i didn't grow up on a farm, but we had some cows and i hung up -- hung out all the time with friends who were on family farms and this one we're standing on today is so emblematic of everything great about family farming. i'm told rob manning is the long line of farmers in his family and tilled this land for
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five generations and today the hardworking men and women of manning farms help the hawkeye state earn its place as the state's largest corn producer, second soybean producer and pork in the country. the truth is what you grow here, you raise here, you export around the world. would you join me in thanking the manning family and rob and the whole team here at manning farms for all of their leadership and all of their contributions to the life of this state and nation. [cheers and applause] you know, the truth is what you grow here, what you raise here in iowa, you export not just across the country, but all over the wider world. so we're going to talk about trade today, which iowa knows a whole lot about. we're going to talk about a great opportunity for iowa workers and iowa businesses.
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but before that, let me just take a minute to reflect on the progress we've made because of the confidence the people of iowa placed in this president and our administration back in 2016. you know, when i think of the last three years, there's really only one way i can describe it. it's been three years of acti action. [applause] >> it's been three years of results. it's been three years of promises made and promises kept, but we're just getting started, iowa. [cheers and applause] >> i mean, think about it, after eight years of the weakest postrecession economy since the great depression, president trump said that we could get this economy moving again if we put common sense, conservative principles and free enterprise into practice. and president donald trump delivered. this president's actually signed more bills rolling back federal red tape than any
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president in american history and this president actually signed a measure that would ensure that farmers and ranchers would control and own their land in fee simple, as we like to say, private property was restored when the president repealed the sdas strus -- disastrous waters of the usa rum. a rule. and we cut taxes across the board for working families, for businesses large and small, and when he did that, we ended the death tax for nearly every american farmer. death is no longer a taxable event. [applaus [applause]. and we passed reform that made it for farmers deduct 100% for
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the farm equipment. anybody knows that plays a critical role in the vitality of farming and litt eerally wri off those costs. a single year. it's been about rolling back red tape and taxes and we unleashed energy. you know, next year the united states will be a net exporter of oil for the first time in 75 years? [applaus [applause] >> and last week, i want to tell you with the strong leadership of governor reynolds and with the unrelenting leadership of senator grassley and senator ernst president trump announced an agreement on renewable fuel standards, net 15 billion gallons every year. [applause] >> i want to thank your senators and your governor for
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being such champions, such champions of renewable fuel. i mean, iowa is not just going to be feeding the country, we're going to fuel the country as well. [applause] >> as we cut taxes, roll back regulation, unleash american energy, the results have been amazing. since election day 2016, businesses large and small in the city and on the farm have created 6.5 million new jobs, including 22,000 jobs right here in the hawkeye state. [applause] but i'm here today, my friends, because for all the progress we've made, we've still got work to do because as you heard from this stage earlier, we have an incredible opportunity before us. over one year ago president trump negotiated the largest trade deal in american history, the u.s.-mexico-canada
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agreement. [applaus [applause] >> i was there. i was there all along the way for a lot of the negotiations and i tell you what, the president drove a hard bargain. he put americans jobs, american workers and american farmers first, negotiated a great deal, but as i stand before you today, speaker nancy pelosi and the democrats in congress have refused to bring it to the floor of the house of representatives. and that's why i'm here. i came to iowa today to turn up the heat. [cheers and applause] i came to iowa today to say it's time for the democrats in congress to do their job, put politics aside and pass the u.s.-mexico-canada this year. [applaus [applause] >> the truth is, and we all
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know it, democrats have been spending all their time on endless investigations and a partisan impeachment. but enough is enough. the american people deserve better. [applaus [applause] >> i mean, the time has come for congresswoman sidney axney and all the democrats who represent iowa to put iowa first, put america first and pass the usmca this year. [cheers and applause] and i'll make you a promise, whatever the democrats in congress choose to spend their time on, president trump and i are never going to stop fighting for you and the agenda that iowa voted for in 2016. count on it. [applaus
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[applause] >> we're not going to allow democrats in congress to distract us from working on behalf of you and the people of this couple. we're never going to stop slivering on -- delivering on secure borders and jobs, on, jobs. we're never going to stop fighting for that agenda because that agenda has made america great again. [applause] >> so i stand before you today, our nation and our liberties are more secure. unemployment is at a 50-year low and more americans are working today than ever before. and truth is, the american economy has come roaring back because of the leadership of this president. because of the strong support of our allies in the congress and in state houses around the country. but i want to assure you the president and i also know this economy has mostly come back
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because of all of you. given the opportunity of more freedom, more opportunity, the american people have stepped up and with their hard work and dedication and commitment you've brought the american economy back. it's one story at a time. one family at a time. i mean, this-- the truth is, it's stories like a farmer that i heard about on the way here nearby in dallas city, whose family has been a pillar of the community for generations. in fact, i was told today that when they first started out, his family used draft horses to plow their field and practically had to feed their li livestock by hand. and now they're using state of the art, and they're making this state and nation proud, would you join me in
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recognizing tom barrett and the barrett farm. where are you all? [applause] >> thank you, tom. i'm told we also have with you the first generation owners of a farm just a few miles down the road. they started it three decades ago with a few dollars to their name and since then they've grown that farm to more than 150 employees, hundreds of head of cattle and hogs, and as they said most importantly, it's where they raise their four daughters and two sons. they're proof of the american dream, this first generation of family farm. give a round of applause to two hardworking farmers in iowa that represent everything great. where are you? [applause] >> here we are. take a bow. thanks, bret, thanks. i mentioned these two families
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because they're really emblematic of each and every one of you. they're proof that you give american farmers and american workers a level playing field and our farmers and our ranchers and our workers can compete and win with anyone in the world. it's the truth. [applaus [applause] >> and that's why since the first day of this administration we've been working to open up markets all over the world. i'm proud to report to you that president trump renegotiated our trade agreement with south korea. earlier this week, the president signed agreements with japan that not only will expand digital trade, but will expand agricultural trade by billions of dollars a year to japan. [applause] >> this president has also put china on notice that the era of economic surrender is over. we've taken a strong stand to demand that china open their
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markets to what we make and what we grow and treat american businesses fairly. [applause]. [applause]. >> the president has been taking a strong stand, but just the last few weeks, china announced the purchase of more than two million metric tons of soy beans and as i learned on the way here from the u.s. trade representative, we'll welcome the chinese representatives to our capitol, negotiations are going forward with china, but i promise you, president trump is going to continue to stand strong for american workers and american farmers. [applaus [applause] >> we're making good progress. as you've heard about it, as we get the usmca done.
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it's a big win for america and american farmers. and the truth is, we're gathered here today on this beautiful farm on this breezy day because it's time for congress to act. it's time for congress to pass the usmca. [applause] >> and you know why. according to the international trade commission the usmca's going to add about $68 billion to our economy right out of the gate and we predict conservatively it will create more than 175,000 new jobs. they also propose that the usmca will increase american agricultural exports by more than $2 billion. now, here in iowa, this great state already exports more than 6.6 billion dollars in goods and services to canada and mexico every year. in fact, nearly half of all of iowa's exports go to mexico and
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canada and nearly 100,000 good paying iowa jobs depend on exports. that's why your governor, that's why your senators, that's why your president are demanding that congress pass the usmca and pass it this year. [applaus [applause] >> iowa is depending on it. and the truth is, iowa's farmers and ranchers really have the most to gain since this great state is the nation's second largest agricultural exporting state. you produce more than 10.3 billion in goods every single year. under the usmca we know these numbers are only going to grow, supporting jobs and opportunities and families across iowa. it's going to create more prosperity across this state and that's why i wanted to come here to talk about it. the truth is, we can get it done, but it's going to take all of us to do it. i came here to turn up the
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heat, but now it's time for iowans to turn up the heat on your democrats in congress and tell them, iowa needs the usmca this year! . [applause] >> will you do it? [cheers and applause] i mean, i want you to reach out to your elected officials in washington d.c. tell them, i ran into mike on a farm the other day and he was pointing out to me that half of our exports from iowa, as the governor has said, go to canada and mexico. and we've got this great new trade agreement that's a win for agriculture. it's a win for iowa. a win for america and you need to get it done. tell them what the usmca is going to mean for iowa farmers, but let me save you a nickel. you don't need to call senator jo joni ernst or senator chuck
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grassley because they're leading the charge in the united states senate for the usmca. [applaus [applause] >> the president and i couldn't be more grateful for their leadership, but right here in walkee there are people you could call. i mean, why don't you call congresswoman cindy axially. call the congresswoman abby finkhaur and call congressman lo loveak and tell them iowa needs the usmca. and after you make that call to the people representing iowa, you know, it seems like every four years about this time you see a lot of people coming through iowa, right? seems like there's a lot of politicians making their way through this state, getting ready for next year's election. this first in the nation state
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of iowa. [applaus [applause] >> and i've got to tell you, i've got to tell you, you need to know every single democrat running for president is opposed to the usmca. so if you run into them at a diner or on a street corner, which i know is pretty common around here in iowa, you need to tell the democrats running for the highest office in the land that iowa needs the usmca. [applause] i mean, i tell you one of the things i love about iowa, it's so much like india indiana. people with big hearts and strong opinions. [laughter] >> so let them hear your opinion.
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it will make a difference. listen, i want to thank you for coming out today, i really do. coming out in the middle of a busy week, taking some time to focus on an issue so important to this state, so important to this nation, and let me say again how grateful i am. senator grassley, senator ernst and your great governor reynolds. give them another round of applause. they are great champions. [applause] >> thank you so much. on behalf of my wife karen and our family, let me just take this opportunity also to say thank you for the privilege of being your vice-president. it is the greatest honor of my li life. [cheers and applause] thank you for the confidence that you've placed in your president and his vice-president. [applaus [applause]. >> pence, 2024! >> finally, let me say it's
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great to be back on the farm. i'm pretty partial to the farm. i mean, the truth is farmers have contributed so much to the life of this nation, you could never calculate all of it. and i'm not just talking about to the economy. throughout the long history of this country. but farmers and family farmers have contributed so much vitality to our communities, to our states, farmers have served in our armed forces, their patriotism and their values strengthen this nation throughout our history. you know, i'm always struck, that book that i try and open every single morning in a little quiet time, how many times we're told to consider the farmer. and i believe that's because in
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the farmer we find all the virtues that lead to a happy and productive life. honesty, integrity, hard work, resilience, family and faith. so you being out here today and the support that you've shown to this president and his vice-president, our agenda, means that much more to me because it comes from the american farmer. it comes from the best of america. america. [applaus [applause] >> and in the days and weeks that lie ahead i'll make you a promise. i'll make you a promise. you know, one of the more humorous things i ever hear when people stop me as i'm travelling around the country and they say tell the president just to keep going forward. you know, that's something you never have to tell president
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donald trump. [applause] >> i tell people, in indiana, the reverse is out of that pickup truck. it only goes forward and we're never going to stop fighting for the agenda that iowa voted for, i promise you. [cheers and applause] we're never going to stop fighting. never going to stop fighting for the policies to revive the american economy, strengthen the constitutional foundation of our core, rebuild our military. and i know with your continued support we're going to keep america growing strong. we're going to make america safer than ever before. we're going to make america more prosperous than ever before. when we get this usmca done and on the president's desk, with president donald trump in the white house, with these great leaders representing and leading you from the congress to the state house, and and
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with god's help, we're going to keep america great. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] god bless you, iowa, and god bless america. ♪ >> here on c-span2 we take you live to the national press club where the center for immigration studies will be releasing two reports on the cost of providing health care benefits to illegal immigrants. panelists will discuss medicaid usage by immigrants and the cost of providing illegal immigrants full access to medicaid. live coverage on c-span2. ♪


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